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Forbes January 3, 2017

30 under 30 energy 2017: The best minds planning how to power our country

Travis Thompson, ME research scientist, is working on a solid-state ceramic battery using a garnet-based electrolyte. The battery has no chance of catching fire and costs less than lithium ion.
In the News January 2, 2017

David C. Munson Jr. named RIT’s 10th president

Former Michigan Engineering dean David Munson was chosen by the Rochester Institute of Technology Board of Trustees after a nationwide search, RIT University News reports.
WDIV December 26, 2016

Tech Time: Scientists work to end plastic pollution

Teams of all-women scientists and engineers collected plastic pollution from the Great Lakes to raise awareness about the health of the lakes and its impact on families.
In the News December 24, 2016

A group of suitcase-sized satellites will transform hurricane tracking

Chris Ruf, CLaSP professor, is the principal investigator. Mental Floss reports.
Science December 21, 2016

Why is atmospheric methane surging? (Hint: It’s not fracking)

Eric Kort, an atmospheric chemist at U-M says that since 2007, atmospheric methane has risen by more than 3%. Several factors are likely playing a role.
The New York Times December 19, 2016

Penetrating storm walls with 8 powerful new eyes

Christopher Ruf, CLaSP professor, is the CYGNSS principal investigator.
The New York Times December 19, 2016

Penetrating storm walls with eight powerful new eyes

Known as the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System, or Cygnss, the fleet was designed by researchers at the University of Michigan to measure wind speeds near the sea surface.
In the News December 15, 2016

Art & Soul: the art of better living – the benefits of self awareness

University of Michigan professor Dr. Robert Pasick teaches life skills, where he encourages students to think about not just their business lives, but their personal lives and goals as well.
CBS December 15, 2016

“Microsatellites” launched to measure hurricane winds

Chris Ruf, CLaSP professor, is the principal investigator on the project.
Detroit News December 14, 2016

NASA: UM hurricane satellites’ launch moved to Thursday

Developed by the University of Michigan, the $157 million system uses eight sister satellites to keep an eye on hurricanes to improve forecasting of hurricane intensity, tracking and storm surges. December 14, 2016

Water filters could increase bacteria in Flint water, researchers say

"This is based on total bacteria, it says nothing about who they are, or if they're pathogenic or not," said Dr. Nancy Love, a member of the research group and professor of civil and environmental engineering at U-M.
In the News December 14, 2016

How soil moisture can help predict power outages caused by hurricanes

Researchers at The Ohio State University, University of Michigan and Texas A&M have developed a computer model to forecast power outages caused by hurricanes.