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Detroit News January 26, 2017

Johnson: Michigan may boost post-election audits

Alex Halderman, EECS professor, said routine audits of the state’s paper ballots would help ensure the results are accurate and safe from hackers.
New Scientist January 25, 2017

Stretchy robotic suit reduces energy used to walk by 23 percent

Jeff Koller, ME graduate student, says the soft structure makes the most of someone’s existing musculoskeletal structure.
Bloomberg January 25, 2017

Toyota’s “Made in America” strategy isn’t enough to shield it from Trump

Jeff Liker, IOE professor, weighs in on the pressures Toyota faces to bring more production jobs back to the US.
Detroit News January 24, 2017

Customers can flag $10 ride to Meijer

Cart, a U-M startup that connects people to healthy, fresh groceries, in partnership with Lyft, is offering low-cost rides to Meijer for families in need.
In the News January 18, 2017

‘5D protein fingerprinting’ may help treat Alzheimer’s

David Sept, BME professor, and colleagues have developed a new technique called "5D fingerprinting" which makes it much easier to identify specific proteins in patients with neurodegenerative diseases, Business Standard reports.
Los Angeles Times January 18, 2017

Earth sets heat record in 2016 – for the third year in a row

Richard Rood, CLaSP professor, spoke to the LA Times about global warming and the negative effects of climate change.
Engadget January 18, 2017

Protein fingerprinting could shed light on alzheimer’s

David Sept, BME professor, and colleagues at the University of Fribourg have developed a technique to measure individual protein molecules' properties. This could be the key to preventing or developing treatments for conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
Tech Times January 15, 2017

iPad for the blind: $500 Blitab translates digital text into Braille

Brent Gillespie, ME associate professor, and Alexander Russomanno, ME PhD student, worked with Professor Sile O’Modhrain of the School of Music, Theater and Dance to develop a Braille readers using microfluidic bubbles. A similar device is being produced by Blitab of Austria.
Nature World News January 11, 2017

Researchers use smart discs to combat cancer tumors

James Moon, BME assistant professor, and other members of the Biointerfaces Institute are using artificial intelligence to develop a new method that can potentially eliminate cancerous tumors.
CBS January 10, 2017

Michigan charter school backed by DeVos growing

Alec Gallimore, dean of engineering at U-M, was impressed with the innovations at West Michigan Aviation, a charter school.
In the News January 6, 2017

20 free courses from the world’s best architecture universities

U-M class "Principles of Designing for Humans at University of Michigan," aims to give us a better understanding of human interaction in design and give us more efficient solutions on user experience based on emotional and social factors. Story from Arch20.
The Guardian January 5, 2017

Five things that got broken at the oddest hacking event in the world

J Alex Halderman, EECS professor, and Matt Bernhard, EECS graduate student, discuss attempts to prove that the U.S. election wasn’t hacked.