In the News

Detroit News February 16, 2017

Mich. DEQ chief: ‘Vapor intrusion’ poses health threat

Edward Zellers, CHE professor, says "Vapor intrusion is a pervasive problem throughout the country, and you will find the problem near leaking underground fuel tanks, storage tanks."
International Business Times February 15, 2017

Paradox of the ‘iceberg armadas’ in the depths of the last Ice Age resolved

Jeremy Bassis, CLaSP associate professor, discusses how understanding how ice sheets behaved during the Ice Age can refine our predictions of how fast Antarctica will melt with climate change.
In the News February 15, 2017

Memristor research highlights neuromorphic device future

Wei Lu, EECS professor, is working on neuromorphic processor technology. The Next Platform reports.
Popular Science February 14, 2017

Will artificial intelligence ever actually match up to the human brain?

John Laird, EECS professor, discusses the evolution of artificial intelligence.
National Public Radio February 13, 2017

New moves on American wind power

Mark Barteau, CHE professor, was a panelist for NPR's On Point on February 13 for a show titled "New Moves On American Wind Power," where the panel discussed wind, oil and the future of energy in America.
US News & World Report February 8, 2017

Not the time to make voting less secure

J. Alex Halderman, EECS professor, and other computer scientists have demonstrated repeatedly that voting machines are susceptible to hacking. He has also expressed doubt in the security of elections.
Fortune February 6, 2017

How powerful AI technology can lead to unforeseen disasters

Benjamin Kuipers, EECS professor, explains that although humans typically program AI-powered robots to accomplish a particular goal, these robots will typically make decisions on their own to reach the goal.
Wired February 1, 2017

The numbers don’t lie: Self-driving cars are getting good

Huey Peng, director of the U-M Mobility Transformation Center, says that autonomous vehicles still aren't perfect, but research shows the technology is progressing quickly.
In the News January 31, 2017

The shape of melting in two dimensions

Sharon Glotzer, ChE professor, led the team. Oak Ridge Laboratory reports.
Michigan Radio January 30, 2017

How schools of fish inspired scientists to harness underwater power

Michael Bernitsas, NAME professor, is developing a device which collects marine hydrokinetic energy using the motion of water in waves or currents.
Business Insider January 30, 2017

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop contest is happening this weekend. Here’s a look at all the competing pods

Teams participating in Elon Musk's Hyperloop competition will get a chance to test out their futuristic pods this weekend. Michigan Engineering is part of a six-school alliance has designed a pod with a pneumatic based levitation system.
Fortune January 30, 2017

Slightly better iPhones won’t fix the U.S. economy

Sridhar Kota, ME professor, makes a case for establishing a National Innovation Foundation to ensure a coordinated and strategic investments on "big ideas" and a return on investment of taxpayers' dollars in federal R&D.