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Yahoo March 1, 2017

SkySpecs collaborates with Siemens wind power for use of automated drone technology in offshore turbine inspections

SkySpecs, founded by U-of-M alumni, is collaborating with to deploy automated drone technology for onshore and offshore wind turbine inspections.
Scientific American March 1, 2017

Our voting system is hackable by foreign powers

J. Alex Halderman, EECS professor, says that he and his students could have changed the results of the November election.
Crain's Detroit Business February 27, 2017

Snyder appoints 12 to Michigan Council on Future Mobility

Ryan Eustice, NAME associate professor and vice president of autonomous driving for Toyota Research Institute, among those appointed.
In the News February 23, 2017

Professor who urged an election recount thinks Trump won, but voting integrity still concerns him

J. Alex Halderman, EECS professor, continues to seek data from the states — Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — that could help him determine if anything improper affected the election results. Story in The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Crain's Detroit Business February 22, 2017

Clinc raises venture capital round of $6.3 million

Jason Mars and Lingjia Tang, EECS research professors, co-founded Clinc. The company whose open-source intelligent assistant and machine learning research platform is involved in research programs with Intel Corp., IBM Corp. and the National Science Foundation.
Scientific American February 22, 2017

Human activity will heat Alaskan skies—deliberately and picturesquely

Mark Moldwin, CLaSP professor, discusses the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and its aim to help us better understand activity that hampers satellites as well as some elusive features of radio wave physics.
In the News February 22, 2017

A low-cost mechanical device for minimally invasive surgery

Shorya Awtar, ME associate professor, discusses how the technology gives surgeons a higher degree of dexterity and intuitive control than traditional laparoscopic instruments in Scienmag.
Mashable February 22, 2017

Here’s what Ice Age melting teaches us about future sea level rise

Jeremy Bassis, CLaSP professor, and his colleagues discuss the so-called Heinrich events: the periods during which the Laurentide Ice Sheet would rapidly disintegrate.
Space Daily February 21, 2017

Breakthrough with a chain of gold atoms

Edgar Meyhofer and Pramod Reddy, ME professors, created highly precise experimental setup that required being able to compare the theoretical predictions with measurements. Now they can filter out and measure the actual signal. February 21, 2017

University of Michigan adds ‘pee-cycling’ to recycling efforts

Nancy Love, CEE professor, is exploring the technology, systems requirements and social attitudes that go along with urine-derived fertilizers.
The Atlantic February 21, 2017

Why some apps use fake progress bars

Eytan Adar, EECS professor, describes this "benevolent deception" used by sites and apps. In a paper he published in 2013 with a pair of Microsoft researchers, Adar described a wide range of design decisions that trick their users—but end up leaving them better off.
Detroit News February 16, 2017

Mich. DEQ chief: ‘Vapor intrusion’ poses health threat

Edward Zellers, CHE professor, says "Vapor intrusion is a pervasive problem throughout the country, and you will find the problem near leaking underground fuel tanks, storage tanks."