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Detroit News March 23, 2017

University presidents: Prepare for global economy

Mark S. Schlissel, U-of-M president and other university presidents in Michigan: "Our ability to attract top international students and professors is crucial to our future success."
March 21, 2017

Profile: Elon Musk, megalomaniac or visionary?

Nilton Renno, CLASP professor, comments that the Master program provides a lot of manpower for Musk's venture, SpaceX, in O Globo.
The Washington Post March 20, 2017

Seizure-inducing tweet leads to a new kind of prosecution

Kevin Fu, EECS associate professor, said that a more common problem is malicious computer code, circulating online or on portable drives, that can end up in hospitals’ systems.
Economic Times March 20, 2017

When things go wrong in an automated world, would we still know what to do?

Nadine Sarter, IOE professor and engineer, recalls a conversation with five engineers involved in building a particular aircraft in Economic Times.
Detroit Free Press March 16, 2017

Reactions to President Trump’s auto regulation decision

Anna Stefanopoulou, ME professor, comments on President Trump's decision to resume a "mid-term" evaluation of emissions and regulatory standards.
March 16, 2017

Tech Time: Software developed to help the blind

U-M students work with groups of children or individuals with disabilities to engineer a variety of assistive technologies tailored to meet their needs.
Christian Science Monitor March 16, 2017

New CO2 record: Is it time to geoengineer our planet?

Joyce Penner, CLASP professor, in an interview to Christian Science Monitor suggests that such a scheme might be “easy to implement,” but warns against over-reliance.
In the News March 15, 2017

There’s trained and there’s untrained

David Singer, NAME associate professor, comments on the training it takes to become a marine engineer, published in WorkBoat.
FOX March 14, 2017

New long-distance laser beam tech could help inspectors sniff out weapons-grade uranium

Igor Jovanovic, NERS professor, is quoted.
The New York Times March 14, 2017

It’s possible to hack a phone with sound waves, researchers show

Kevin Fu, EECS Associate Professor, authored the research paper.
In the News March 14, 2017

Computers could get 100,000 times faster thanks to laser light pulses

Quantum computers get a step closer
Engadget March 14, 2017

Laser pulse study could lead to ultrafast computers

We're talking about computers 100,000 times faster than current machines.