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US News & World Report August 14, 2020

Michigan plans dedicated road lanes for autonomous vehicles

A connected corridor aims to improve accessibility to southeast Michigan.
Detroit News August 14, 2020

Detroit-to-Ann Arbor self-driving vehicle corridor aims for national leadership

University of Michigan, the state and industry partners' connected corridor initiative is highlighted in Detroit News.
WDIV August 13, 2020

Ann Arbor-based Voxel51 launches industry’s first open-source experimentation tool

Ann Arbor-based artificial intelligence software company Voxel51 announced the launch of an open-source tool, called FiftyOne, that helps data scientists and machine learning engineers tackle the laborious process of image data management. The company was co-founded by Prof. Jason Corso and alumnus Dr. Brian Moore.
EdTech August 12, 2020

Clean sweep: how sanitization drones can improve campus safety

Aerospace Professor Ella Atkins tells EdTech University of Michigan is using UAVs to sanitize surfaces on campus.
In the News August 10, 2020

Clean Sweep: How Sanitization Drones Can Improve Campus Safety

On a post-pandemic campus, could drones hold the key to sanitation? Aerospace Engineering Professor Ella Atkins envisions a school using UAVs to clean learning spaces. August 7, 2020

Can a building truly be COVID-proof? A look at the latest virus-busting technology.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Jesse Capecelatro provides some best practices to staying safe in the COVID era.
Interesting Engineering August 3, 2020

These origami-inspired microbots can execute complicated tasks

CEE Assistant Professor Evgueni Filipov's microbot research is featured in Interesting Engineering.
In the News August 3, 2020

Origami principles can unlock the potential of tiny robots

CEE Associate Professor Evgueni Filipov's microbot research is featured in Slash Gear.
Forbes August 3, 2020

How to clean your N95 mask or face covering with COVID-19

Michigan Engineering research on mask decontamination is featured in Forbes.
Cosmos Magazine July 31, 2020

Learning more about how spacecraft land

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Jesse Capecelatro's research using computer simulations to model thrust-based landings is featured in Cosmos Magazine.
In the News July 27, 2020

Exploring the solar system with the X3 engine

Alec Gallimore, the Robert J Vlasic Dean of Engineering, Arthur F Thurnau Professor, and Richard F and Eleanor A Towner Professor of Engineering and Professor of Aerospace Engineering, is featured on Newstalk's podcast.
New Atlas July 17, 2020

Robotic prosthetic leg uses stronger motors for better performance

Research led by Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Robert Gregg is featured in New Atlas.