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WDIV February 13, 2019

U-M researchers are teaching driverless cars to detect pedestrian movement

New driverless vehicle tech will help cars detect pedestrian movement that often spurs in-the-moment decisions for vehicles.
Green Car Congress February 12, 2019

UMTRI team investigating “instantaneous crowdsourcing” to speed adoption of autonomous vehicles

Green Car Congress delves into new driverless vehicle tech that would help cars make decisions during uncertain times.
Futurity February 10, 2019

Can ‘air traffic control’ make self-driving cars cheap and safe?

EECS-CSE assistant professor Walter Lasecki explains how new research can help driverless vehicles make decisions during times of uncertainty. February 10, 2019

Self-driving cars could deploy sooner using ‘air traffic control’ technique, U-M researchers say

EECS-CSE assistant professor Walter Lasecki explains how new research will allow driverless vehicles to make decisions during times of uncertainty.
The Washington Post February 8, 2019

Making sense of the polar vortex and record cold on a feverish planet

CLaSP professor Richard Rood provides expert insight on the record-breaking polar vortex for the Washington Post.
National Public Radio February 8, 2019

The first driverless spin

EECS-CSE Associate Professor Matthew Johnson-Roberson discusses on-going driverless vehicle research and testing going on around the country.
National Public Radio February 8, 2019

Stateside: MI’s energy infrastructure; mother of modern office design; pushback on Title IX changes

Prof. Johanna Mathieu talks to NPR about what we learned about Michigan's energy infrastructure during the Polar Vortex, and what we could do to avert a similar situation in the future.
In the News February 8, 2019

Windshield wipers more accurate than weather radar for monitoring rainfall

Branko Kerkez and Ram Vasudevan explain how rainfall could be measured to predict and mitigate flooding risks.
National Public Radio February 7, 2019

Research team investigating Internet censorship with tracking system

EECS-CSE research assistant professor Roya Ensafi explains how Censored Planet monitors censorship online.
Fortune February 7, 2019

Electric cars really do hate the winter, says AAA study

Anna Stefanopoulou, director of the Michigan Energy Institute, is quoted in Fortune.
Vox February 6, 2019

How Antarctica’s melting ice could change weather around the world

Jeremy Bassis, a CLaSP associate professor, explains how tens of centimeters of sea level change could impact communities around the world.
In the News February 6, 2019

University of Michigan researchers tout high-speed 3D printing approach

3D resin printing that's stronger and 100 times faster than traditional methods is detailed.