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The Washington Post October 30, 2019

PG&E’s role in Sonoma fire questioned as power outage frustrations grow

EECS-ECE Prof. Ian Hiskens serves as an expert-commentator in a Washington Post story about the potential role Pacific Gas & Electric equipment played in the wildfires ravaging Northern California.
Detroit News October 26, 2019

NASA administrator: U-M to play big role in space exploration

Michigan Engineering's leading role in space research and the importance of collaboration are discussed in the Detroit News.
Forbes October 23, 2019

Mark Groden Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 2019: Science List

Popular Mechanics October 17, 2019

Meet the super robots that are about to lap the world’s fastest humans

EECS-ECE Prof. Jessy Grizzle's robot, Mabel, is profiled in this piece by Popular Mechanics.
In the News October 15, 2019

Aaron Friedman Marine Hydrodynamics Lab renovation project received the AIA 2019 Award for Small Projects

A drab circulation space is successfully reinvented to activate the study of naval design using captivating back-lit historic imagery and finely detailed wood and glass exhibit boxes.
The Washington Post October 12, 2019

Autonomous shuttles in Northern Virginia suburb show why the future of robot cars might be slow

Mcity director Huei Peng says despite limitations, autonomous vehicles are progressing. He compared today's research to the Wright brothers’ early airplanes.
Scientific American October 9, 2019

Why machine learning is critical for disaster response

IOE and CEE professor Seth Guikema's op-ed on the benefits of machine learning is detailed in Scientific American.
October 3, 2019

Mark Groden Named to the Future Innovators Index 2019

Mark Groden, NAME alumni, named to Future Innovators List by Vanity Fair
October 1, 2019

Carnegie Mellon appoints new dean for College of Engineering

William Sanders received a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering; a master’s degree in computer, information and control engineering; and a doctoral degree in computer science and engineering, each from the University of Michigan.
Forbes October 1, 2019

Pre-checked cookie consent invalid, EU court rules

A study detailing cookie practices co-authored by EECS-CSE professor Florian Schaub is cited in Forbes.
Michigan Daily September 30, 2019

University Professors talk using AI technology for bipolar disorder

Associate CSE Professor Emily Mower Provost is collaborating with other U-M researchers to develop computational methods for measuring mood symptom severity in bipolar disorder.
ZDNet September 26, 2019

11 unexpected ways universities are using the Microsoft HoloLens

Dr. Dave Chesney and his students have found medical applications for the HoloLens, including providing realtime remote emergency care.