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December 12, 2019

Tandem helps students work, participate better in teams

Tandem, was designed to help students navigate conflict, develop leadership skills and understand how different types of people work. It allows instructors to offer real-time correction when student group activities go off track.
MGoBlue December 10, 2019

Scholar Stories: Gu Doing What She Loves at Michigan — Dance, Computer Science

Allison Gu keeps busy: a senior in CS with an entrepreneurship minor, she's also tri-captain of the U-M Dance Team.
National Geographic December 10, 2019

The sun keeps getting stranger, dive-bombing solar probe shows

CLaSP Professor Justin Kasper says the first batch of data from Parker is exciting but there's still plenty left unanswered.
VICE December 10, 2019

NASA’s solar probe found things near the Sun that we can’t explain

CLaSP Professor Justin Kasper details the first findings from Parker – and some unanswered questions.
The New York Times December 10, 2019

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is unlocking the Sun’s mysteries

CLaSP Professor Justin Kasper shares his perspective on the first batch of data from Parker.
ABC December 10, 2019

iGym levels playing field for disabled, able-bodied children

EECS-ECE Assistant Professor Hun Seok Kim and other U-M researchers work is featured in ABC.
Michigan Daily December 10, 2019

Nuclear policy analyst gives talk at NERS colloquium

Friday afternoon, about 50 of University of Michigan students, professors and Ann Arbor community members gathered to hear Ty Otto, an analyst at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, speak about nonproliferation policy and how it relates to and affects the nuclear industry at the Nuclear Engineering and Radioactive Sciences colloquium. December 9, 2019

From Michigan to the Marines: ex-linebacker Noah Furbush now in the Corps

This past week, former U-M Football player and CLASP graduate Noah Furbush (MEng '18) completed training and has been commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps.
December 8, 2019

Universities’ Crucial Role in Our Spacefaring Future

UM AERO Department Chair Anthony Waas and CLaSP Chair Tuija Pulkinnen discuss the important role of universities in the future of space exploration.
In the News December 8, 2019

AERO Alumnus Evan Hilgemnann will discuss potential solutions for exploring Venus at the Horological Society of New York.

AERO Alumnus Evan Hilgemnann will discuss potential solutions for exploring Venus at the Horological Society of New York. His solution comes from 16th-century automatons, which were mechanical devices capable of performing a series of complex actions to achieve a specific result. December 5, 2019

UM nets $450,000 federal grant for nuclear engineering research

The grant is a slice of $15 million awarded by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to academic institutions this fiscal year, according to a press release, and will help fund research in the College of Engineering’s Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences department.
TechCrunch December 5, 2019

Toyota leads $50 million investment in autonomous shuttle startup May Mobility