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Motherboard October 2, 2015

Can clean diesel survive the Volkswagen scandal?

Margaret Wooldridge, ME professor and engine expert, predicts that the US public's view of diesel may have dipped far enough that we'll never meet the 12 percent market share predicted a decade ago.
Wired October 1, 2015

How a car racing the outback can boost solar in the US

Pavan Naik, student and program manager for U-M's solar car team, discusses how she and other students have spent about a month in Australia preparing their car, a sleek, futuristic machine called Aurum.
In the News October 1, 2015

Lost colonies

Tom Schmidt, CEE lab leader, says, "The need to cultivate organisms is greater now than ever," in The Scientist.
September 23, 2015

Pocket-sized device sees north at forefront of diabetes care

BBC September 17, 2015

Diabetes: Pocket-sized device to allow control over insulin intake

The New York Times June 24, 2015

MarCO: First interplanetary CubeSat mission

A NASA team, including Aero Alumnus Andy Klesh and Assoc. Prof. James Cutler, will launch a pair of CubeSats into deep space next year to provide real-time landing coverage for the space agency's next mission to Mars.
June 3, 2015

“Robots of the Caribbean” photograph infamous sunken pirate city

Lead by the University of Michigan's Assistant Professor Matthew Johnson-Roberson, the team used underwater 3D camera diver rigs to map portions of the notorious metropolis, submerged as a result of an earthquake more than three hundred years ago.
In the News December 8, 2014


Dale Briggs, CHE professor, visits patients in hospitals and people in his church who can't attend church, and ministers to men in the Washtenaw County Jail. He is featured here in The Ann.
Crain's Detroit Business June 29, 2014

Southeast Michigan’s Most Innovative Companies

Michigan Daily February 11, 2014

Peace Corps recognizes the University

Brian Smyser, graduate student and campus recruiter for the Peace Corps, said the University’s consistently high contribution is reflective of a strong passion for volunteerism at the school and within Ann Arbor.
Chemical and Engineering News September 4, 2013

Phillip Savage named new editor of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

The next editor-in-chief of the American Chemical Society journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research will be Phillip E. Savage, a chemical engineering professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Michigan Daily March 14, 2012

New Media and U: Decoding the U-M investment in the cutting edge

James Duderstadt, former Dean of Engineering, and others discuss the strong history of the U-M investment in technology, the priority placed on innovation and the technological and entrepreneurial successes that have emerged as a result.