helicopter wings inspired by oak tree seeds


Copycat Engineering

Nature has inspired engineers to mimic many of its designs and develop spectacular technologies of their own.

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photo of a house destroyed by a tornado

A Season of Twisters

How to Address the Looming Threat

Looking like a contender for the top three most deadly U.S. tornado seasons, 2012 is already cutting a swath of destruction from Texas to Michigan. |Long Read

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Person leaning over an outdoor water basin splashing water on his face in the dark.

Dread Down Under

World Solar Challenge

The biggest and best solar car team's goal is to win World Solar Challenge, a five day race across the Australian outback. |Long Read

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Steel beam graphic in front of a blue background

Stubborn Structures

Earthquake-Resistant Buildings

Earthquake-resistant structures are on designers' drawing boards and getting better all the time; explore the world of earthquake engineering. |Long Read

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Human 2.0

Engineering the Next Generation of a Machine Known as ‘The Human Body’

From sonar eyes and cochlear implants to bio bolts and brain control of prosthetics. |Long Read

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