ORACLE TEAM USA's AC45 catamaran uses hydrofoils to "fly" above the water.

Racing for control

With glory – and danger – on the line, precision engineering rules the day.

Flying on hydrofoils means more speed and more risk for the America’s Cup. With the boats and technology moving faster than ever, can these Michigan alumni help their team find the engineering solutions it needs to win in 2017?

Latest Feature Stories

Into the Storm

Revealing a Hurricane's Secrets

The most turbulent region of a hurricane holds secrets about its potential for destruction. Michigan Engineering’s newly launched satellite system can reveal how these storms intensify in a warming world.Long Read

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Portrait of J. Alex Halderman lecturing with projected text on the board behind him. Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering.

Courage to Resist

High-Stakes Adventures of J. Alex Halderman

In the escalating struggle between the individual and the state, technology favors the powerful. That’s why J. Alex Halderman, Michigan Engineering computer scientist, and his team of researchers revel in righting the balance.Long Read

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cancer cell spread

Fighting Cancer Wrong?

It’s Not Usually the Initial Tumor That Kills

Engineers are teaming up with doctors in the hunt for the elusive cancer stem cell.Long Read

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Woman in white lab coat looks through a cancer cell detection device.


Grad Student Becomes a Published Researcher

While faculty steer the ship, graduate students are the engines that drive university research.Long Read

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Bitmapped image of a runner approaching the finish line.

Innovation is for Finishers

If It Stays in the Lab, It Doesn’t Count

Many researchers are hoping startups will help get their ideas to the marketplace—and universities are trying to help.Long Read

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A last swim before eviction? Local kids cool off in Ciliwug River. Photo: Marcin Szczepanski, Michigan Engineering.

Out of the #Flood

Alum Uses Crowd-Sourced Data

In the face of disaster, a city’s social media is saving lives and infrastructure. Is this just the beginning for crowd-sourced salvation?Long Read

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Toolik Field Station in Alaska. Photo: Marcin Szczepanski, Michigan Engineering.

From the Edge of the Arctic

At the top of the world, the climate is changing fast. Alum Brie Van Dam tracks the planet’s vital signs.Long Read

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