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North University Ave. early morning before the hustle and bustle of daily life at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI

‘Transportation is a form of freedom’: How to make it more equitable

Why we need greater collaboration among transportation companies, cities, nonprofits and academia.|Medium Read
Michael Wang, materials science and engineering Ph.D. candidate, uses a glove box to inspect a lithium metal battery cell in a lab at the University of Michigan in 2020.

Next-gen electric vehicle batteries: These are the questions we still need to answer

University of Michigan researchers lay out hurdles for tech that could double EV range.|Medium Read
The Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle (CERV) vehicle

U-M’s Automotive Research Center is a ‘national strategic asset’

For more than 25 years, ARC has been a source of technology, modeling, and simulation for the Army's fleet of vehicles.|Medium Read
Photo of Siqian Shen

Siqian Shen receives NSF funding for transportation system redesign

U-M IOE associate professor, Siqian Shen, has received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for research on redesigning transportation for a post-pandemic world. |Short Read
Scrap metal heap

Scrap to sustainable sheet metal: A $2M effort to overhaul automotive recycling

The global move to advanced materials and electric powertrains requires a re-evaluation of how we recycle vehicles.|Medium Read
Aerospace Engineering logo

Undergraduate research team develops [medical drone] UAV despite pandemic restrictions

In spite of research shutdowns due to COVID and subsequent laboratory restrictions, a team of University of Michigan aerospace undergraduate students, under the direction of Department Chair Tony Waas, and Dr. Tim Smith, have designed, built, and are currently testing a prototype UAV for use delivering essential medical supplies to remote communities in Ghana.|Short Read
Professor Atkins Headshot

Opinion: How To Achieve Diverse And Inclusive Advanced Air Mobility

University of Michigan Aerospace Professor Ella Atkins proposes migration to autonomous cloud-based data management systems capable of coordinating flight plans as the solution to implementing AAM safely.|Short Read
Aerospace Engineering logo

Air Serv and University of Michigan Partner to Improve Aerial Support in Humanitarian Aid

This is the first collaboration for Air Serv International, one of the world’s leading aviation service providers for humanitarian missions, and the University of Michigan’s Aerospace department, the fourth ranked undergraduate aerospace engineering program in the country. |Medium Read
Greg Less holding a battery

U-M Battery Lab to join Michigan Materials Research Institute

The move will help drive production-level research into next-gen solid-state battery technologies.|Medium Read

Nadine Sarter receives FAA funding for research on pilots’ role in risk mitigation

U-M IOE professor, Nadine Sarter has received funding from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for research on the role flight crews play in aviation safety.|Short Read
Person points at autonomous vehicle testing on screen

More efficient testing method could accelerate the deployment of autonomous vehicles

A new paper in Nature Communications discusses improvements over current testing methods.|Medium Read
Ann Arbor intersection

$9.95M for “smart intersections” across Ann Arbor

Technology embedded in existing infrastructure will provide data to connected and automated vehicles, bolstering safety.|Medium Read