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Security risks found in Estonia online voting system

Ahead of European Parliamentary elections on May 25, an international team has found major risks in the security of Estonia’s Internet voting system.|Short Read
leaders in ultra circuits

Leaders in ultra low power circuits and systems presenting at VLSI Circuits Symposium

All of the research being presented focuses on getting the absolute best performance from the tiniest circuits, sensors, and electronic devices. |Medium Read
scott, kaski,corander

Research in machine learning earns Notable Paper Award at AISTATS 2014

Prof. Scott's research is in the field of machine learning, and his paper builds upon "supervised pattern classification."|Short Read

Listening to bipolar disorder: Smartphone app detects mood swings via voice analysis

A smartphone app that monitors subtle qualities of a person’s voice during everyday phone conversations shows promise for detecting early signs of mood changes in people with bipolar disorder, a University of Michigan team reports. |Medium Read
IBM watson

Students to use IBM Watson Cognitive Computing System in class

Michigan is one of seven universities IBM is partnering with to give students access to the technology. |Short Read
luis gomez

Student Spotlight: Luis Gomez – An expert in computational electromagnetics and teaching

The goal of Gomez's research is to alleviate the communications blackout that sometimes occurs when vehicles are traveling through the earth’s atmosphere.|Short Read
hao sun

Hao Sun earns 3 Paper Awards for medical imaging research

Hao's research is focused on improving the quality of images from magnetic resonance imaging pulse design.|Short Read
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Powering the internet of things

Imagine a gym shirt that tells an app your body temp and heart rate, or could alert you before an asthma attack happens.|Short Read
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Thank Lynn Conway for your cell phone

She’s been called the “hidden hand” in the 1980s microchip design revolution that made today’s personal computers and smartphones possible.|Medium Read
isabel martin

Isabel Martin receives CoE Distinguished Leadership Award

Isabel envisions a future working in the aerospace industry.|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

U-M leads historic nuclear non-proliferation consortium

The University of Michigan is about to help make the world a safer place. The Department of Energy has issued a $25 million grant over five years to establish the Consortium for Verification Technology (CVT).|Medium Read
christopher boyd

Christopher Boyd awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

His research is contributing to the overall project goal of enabling navigation in GPS denied zones through the use of specialized sensors.|Short Read