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Wind turbine

Students take a field trip to a wind farm

“The trip made me more aware of some of the practical things ... like the sound of the turbines, and how they alter the look of the land."|Short Read
Portrait of Annalisa Manera.

New lab brings the latest in thermal hydraulics research to U-M

Associate Professor Annalisa Manera was able to take her background in both experiential and computational research to develop a lab that will investigate the phenomenon of operations and safety in reactors.|Short Read
david chen

David Chen awarded NASA Fellowship to improve extreme weather prediction

The goal of the study seeks to enhance the accuracy of determining ocean surface windspeed.|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Radiation camera could transform nuclear safety

A radiation camera developed at U-M may be poised to sweep the field of radiation protection, and its inventor believes it could help to make the areas around Fukushima Daiichi safe once more.|Medium Read
Michigan Engineering logo

How wildfires affect climate

Mark Flanner, assistant professor of atmospheric science, says that whether the ultimate effect is warming or cooling varies, as does how long these impacts last. |Short Read
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Daniel Molzhan will address sustainability challenges as a Dow Fellow

Molzhan's primary concern is responding to society's need for constant and reliable electrical energy.|Short Read
Mechanical Engineering logo

What impact does your lawn have on our Earth?

Engineering Professor Steven Skerlos analyzes elements of lawn care, and explains the impact they have on the environment.|Short Read
Michigan Chemical Engineering logo

Closing the circle on algae biofuel

Turning algae into a biofuel that can readily replace petroleum looks promising, but one of the big roadblocks to mass-producing the algae is the need for fertilizer.|Medium Read
Michigan Engineering logo

Impact of engineers on society: Differentiating practical from merely possible

William Banholzer discusses new technological discoveries and argues that engineers must better explain and differentiate between what is possible and what is practical.|Short Read
Mark Kushner

Mark Kushner appointed to advisory board for DoE National Lab

PPPL is a U.S. Department of Energy funded research center established for collaborative work in fusion energy research. |Short Read

ECE faculty are MCubing to find answers – fast

The goal of MCubed is to jumpstart novel, high-risk and transformative research projects.|Medium Read

David Hiskens awarded two energy scholarships

David is interested in controlling the energy that flows through the nation's grid system, particularly in optimizing the flow by minimizing distance and costs.|Short Read