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Passenger cars & trucks contribute 15% of greenhouse gases

A Michigan Engineering professor served on the national committee that authored a new report on Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) and greenhouse standards that was recently released.|Short Read

Researching the future of remote sensing

Directed by Kamal Sarabandi the new program aims to create theoretical models for remote sensing of ice and snow.|Short Read
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Recycling nuclear waste: U-M helps test advanced reactor design

An advanced nuclear reactor under development by Hitachi could help solve the nuclear waste problem.|Medium Read
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PopSci: Alum leads energy revolution

Palm-tree inspired blades for wind turbines earned Eric Loth (PhD Aero '88) a spot on Popular Science's list of 12 "brilliant minds behind the new energy revolution."|Short Read
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Pollen and clouds: April flowers bring may showers?

Researchers have found that pollen grains might seed clouds, demonstrating an unexpected way that trees and plants might be affecting the climate. |Medium Read
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How pollen might make clouds

Michigan engineers were able to see that when pollen breaks down it can indeed produce particles that are small enough to seed cloud growth. |Short Read
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Flight of the methane hunters

At just a bit over crop duster height, University of Michigan researchers are flying through a 50-square-mile hotspot of the greenhouse gas methane over the U.S. Southwest.|Medium Read

Peecycling: Beyond flush and forget

In the first large-scale pilot project of its kind in the nation, the researchers are testing whether they can safely make fertilizer for food crops out of disinfected human urine.|Long Read
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Sustainability hour: Keith Soster

This North Campus Sustainability Event will focus on the process of structuring a sustainable program that makes sense.|Short Read
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Holy Grail of fuel

Professor Margaret Wooldridge and the Mechanical Engineers inside her lab are developing the tools normally used to calibrate the chemistry behind standard diesel and gasoline to better understand the molecular structure of advanced biofuels and synthetic fuels.|Short Read

U-M to receive $8.5M for renewed virtual reactor project

U-M continues to play a major role in a $121.5M Energy Innovation Hub dedicated to developing a virtual nuclear reactor.|Medium Read
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Geoengineering report: Scientists urge more research on climate intervention

The world may need to resort to so-called geoengineering approaches that aim to deliberately control the planet’s climate.|Medium Read