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Find a parking place with your smartphone

Drivers may one day be able to find a parking space on their smartphones instead of hunting for one on the street.|Short Read
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Layered graphene beats the heat

An international team of researchers, led by faculty at the University of Michigan, have found that a layered form of graphene can expel heat efficiently, which is an important feature for its potential applications in building small and powerful electronics.|Medium Read
Turbulence simulations

$3.46M to combine supercomputer simulations with big data

By improving large physics models on the fly, U-M faculty will advance aerodynamics, climate science, cosmology, materials science and cardiovascular research.|Medium Read
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Rumor-detector software IDs disputed claims on Twitter

Rumor Lens—the researchers' own website—is expected to be available in the next couple of months. The team envisions it serving as a Snopes-like online community of social media observers, academics and reporters who have an interest in following and debunking rumors|Medium Read
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Pile driver sensors

Pile driving produces thousands of impacts every day, a team at Michigan is hoping a new sensor can predict soil settlement before an accident occurs.|Short Read
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Thomas Chen earns NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for research in artificial neural networks for computer vision

Thomas and his group are working to improve upon artificial neural network design through a process called sparse coding.|Short Read
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Michigan Micro Mote (M3) makes history as the world’s smallest computer

A brief history of what led to the technical feat known as the Michigan Micro Mote, a tiny speck of a computer that does it all.|Medium Read
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Bracketology: Engineering the top slot

With the odds at a trillion to one, UMICH Engineering Professors share their technique for picking the perfect March Madness basketball bracket.|Short Read
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Build your own Siri: An open-source digital assistant

An open-source computing system you command with your voice like Apple's Siri is designed to spark a new generation of "intelligent personal assistants" for wearables and other devices.|Medium Read

U-M to receive $8.5M for renewed virtual reactor project

U-M continues to play a major role in a $121.5M Energy Innovation Hub dedicated to developing a virtual nuclear reactor.|Medium Read
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Using virtual reality to train future engineers

The University of Michigan MIDEN virtual reality cave gives Michigan Engineers an unprecedented insight into the way structures come together, buckle, and collapse.|Short Read
A map shows U.S. air traffic patterns.

How big data could reduce weather-related flight delays

Next year’s travelers may see fewer delays thanks to research now being conducted by a team of University of Michigan engineers.|Short Read