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Bill Magwood, Director-General at the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, speaks during a discussion panel at the Michigan Energy Symposium at the Rackham Graduate School

Will nuclear energy save us from climate change?

Energy-sector thought leaders, from industry, government and academia, recently came together at the University of Michigan to discuss the role of nuclear power in fighting climate change.|Medium Read
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Toward universal cargo scans for nuclear weapon materials

Current methods produce high radiation doses, but a gentler scan has proven to be effective.|Short Read

Crystal Green: A warm reception offsets the chilly weather

Crystal Green is working toward getting both her PhD from the top-ranked nuclear engineering department in the country and her Medical Physics Certification.|Short Read
Portrait of Sara Pozzi

Michigan Engineering professor named among top physicists

Pozzi’s paper in the virtual issue improved on a standard simulation code used to model how a radiation source appears in a detector.|Short Read
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Mehlhorns support NERS undergrads

"Attending the University of Michigan was transformational for me and I was aided by a COE undergraduate scholarship. We are pleased to endow this scholarship fund to provide similar aid to future generations of nuclear engineering undergraduates.”|Short Read
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Tom and Noelle Mehlhorn endow undergraduate scholarship

Tom Mehlhorn (BS NERS 74, MS 76, PhD 78) and his wife Noelle (BA Speech Pathology and Language '75, MS '76) have made a major gift to endow an undergraduate scholarship fund. The scholarships will be awarded to students based on merit and need.|Short Read
Map of North Korea

U-M-led team analyzes North Korea nuclear weapon test

Nuclear nonproliferation consortium finds that North Korea is unlikely to have detonated a hydrogen bomb.|Medium Read
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U-M and other CVT scientists study explosion in North Korea

Members of the Consortium for Verification Technology weigh in on magnitude of January 6, 2016 North Korean tests.|Short Read
James Duderstadt portrait

James Duderstadt wins medal

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has awarded James Duderstadt, president emeritus of U-M and University Professor of Science and Engineering the 2016 Ralph Coats Roe Medal, which honors those who have advanced the public appreciation for engineers.|Short Read
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Buckman fund honors friend & scholar

Michigan Engineering Adjunct Professor Frederick W. Buckman (BSE SE '66) and Marion K. Buckman (Dent.Hyg.Cert. '80) have endowed the John C. Lee Fellowship Fund.|Short Read
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NERS launches new graduate certificate in Medical Physics

Program expands students' training in radiation therapy, imaging, radiologic health and radiobiology.|Short Read
Tour of Michigan Ion Beam Lab

$3M upgrade complete at leading lab for emulating radiation damage

With new equipment that makes it the best in the world for quickly recreating the radiation damage sustained by materials inside nuclear reactors, the Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory (MIBL) marked its grand re-opening yesterday.|Medium Read