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Sara Pozzi runs a sample through a plutonium and uranium detector in the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory

Iran’s centrifuges and nuclear nonproliferation: A Q&A with Sara Pozzi

Understanding nuclear enrichment and what it means for the “Iran nuclear deal.”|Medium Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Professor Jovanovic named Fellow of the Optical Society

Professor Jovanovic directs the Neutron Science Laboratory, contributes to the Consortium for Verification Technology, and works with the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science.|Short Read
Professors Field, Kochunas and Kuranz

NERS welcomes three new faculty members

The new additions to the department point to a positive future and offer a breadth of educational and research experience.|Short Read
The experimental chamber in which the uranium samples were struck with laser light

Using lasers to measure uranium enrichment

Nuclear energy and nuclear nonproliferation would both benefit from a faster, easier way to measure what proportion of uranium atoms can split.|Medium Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

NERS Graduates win major awards

Janelle Wharry and Matt Gomez receive early career awards|Short Read
Portrait of Todd Allen

NERS Chair Todd Allen talks on two podcasts regarding Chernobyl and nuclear energy

|Short Read
An aerosol can sprays into the air against a black background

How a spray from the hardware store could improve nuclear fusion

A coating of polyurethane keeps plasma problems in check during magnetic compression. |Medium Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

Summer School on Clean Energy in China

|Short Read
Ciara Sivels, NERS alumnus, has her graduation stole put on by her PhD advisor Sara Pozzi

Becoming the representation she wishes she’d seen

In a Q&A, Ciara Sivels remarks on exposure, earning her PhD and equality in higher education. |Medium Read
James Holloway. Photo: Joseph Xu/Michigan Engineering

Holloway named Provost and VP at the University of New Mexico

From outstanding undergraduate education contributions to leadership positions, Holloway served the college for nearly 30 years.|Medium Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

NERS Ph.D. student Sunming Qin awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship 2019-2020 and Eleanor Towner Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement

As a fourth year Ph.D. student in NERS department, Sunming is working in Professor Annalisa Manera's group. His research focuses on high-resolution experiments and computations on mixing of turbulent buoyant jets in uniform and stratified environments|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

NERS students receive DOE and NSF fellowships

Several NERS students received multiple highly competitive graduate fellowships |Short Read