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A woman holds a disk of concentric circles representing layers of the helmet.

A football helmet design that listens to physics

A shock-absorbing football helmet system being developed at Michigan Engineering could blunt some dangerous physics that today’s models ignore.|Short Read
Braille on a tablet device

Bringing Braille back with better display technology

It’s slow to read computer screens with today’s Braille displays, and the 200-year-old code is declining in use. New technology from Michigan Engineering aims to help bring Braille back.|Medium Read
Human fingers hover over a refreshable Braille display

Refreshable Braille device

A group of Michigan researchers has developed the technology that could make a full page, refreshable braille device possible. |Short Read
Students demonstrate use of their device

A showcase of student innovation

The most ambitious and intense class projects of students’ undergraduate careers are showcased each semester at Design Expo. More than 100 teams display the prototypes they’ve spent months designing and refining. |Short Read
Power station exterior

Carbon capture analyst: Coal should stay in the ground

Serious flaws have been found in a decade’s worth of studies into the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon capture and storage could be four times as costly as previously thought. |Medium Read
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Follow students at COP21 Paris climate conference

Three Michigan Engineering students are attending a global climate change meeting that they hope will be pivotal on society’s path toward a more sustainable future.|Short Read
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U-Michigan receives $5.4M for energy projects

Two new Department of Energy grants that total $5.4 million will let Michigan Engineering researchers work on transformational engine and battery projects. Their efforts could lead to efficiency gains in cars and trucks, the electrical grid, and beyond.|Short Read
Portrait of Sridhar Kota

Michigan engineer to lead national manufacturing ‘think-and-do’ tank

Sridhar Kota will lead a national consortium to identify emerging advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance the country's innovation ecosystem, manufacturing competitiveness and national security, the White House announced today.|Medium Read
Turbulence simulations

$3.46M to combine supercomputer simulations with big data

By improving large physics models on the fly, U-M faculty will advance aerodynamics, climate science, cosmology, materials science and cardiovascular research.|Medium Read
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Hutchins gifts first professorship of practice

This gift documents the College of Engineering’s first endowed professorship of practice|Short Read
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Thundering towards nationals: UM Autonomy Team

Buoyed by a sleek new hull design, the University of Michigan autonomous boat team finished third out of 16 competitors in the 2015 Roboboat competition, held recently in Virginia Beach, Virginia.|Medium Read
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A custom walker to help a boy get around the playground

Mechanical engineering students customized a walker for 8-year-old Braden Gandee, who has cerebral palsy.|Short Read