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Stephen Timoshenko: the father of engineering mechanics

This eminent Michigan Engineering professor dramatically reshaped engineering education – and lived two sets of lives.|Medium Read
Volvo's new super truck. Photo: U-M Engineering.

Efficient tractor-trailers: U-M researcher contributes to Volvo’s design

The Volvo Group recently unveiled its SuperTruck; the vehicle achieves an 88 percent freight efficiency improvement, which means it can carry more cargo while reducing how much fuel it uses.|Short Read
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Associate Professor Kathleen Sienko presents to National Academies

Sienko’s presentation focused on how the Global Health Design Initiative is training students to identify and overcome the challenges of adapting medical devices to low-resource settings, helping them identify unmet needs and then collaborate with stakeholders to meet those needs. |Short Read

Saving lives by letting cars talk to each other

Huei Peng, ME professor, discusses the future of safety in autonomous vehicles. |Medium Read
Students learn to use a mechanical arm

Detecting and correcting factory faults and cyberattacks in real time

Spotting a glitch on the factory floor in real time, and reconfiguring around it, are the goals of a new $4 million project led by Michigan Engineering researchers.|Medium Read
Members of the Michigan Solar Car team run across a finish line alongside their car, Aurum, in the rain.

Michigan Solar Car defends national title in sweeping victory

The University of Michigan Solar Car team has successfully defended their championship – winning the 2016 American Solar Challenge for the sixth consecutive time. |Medium Read
Xingye "Dennis" Da, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering, inspects the ankle of MARLO, a bipedal robot.

First success on the Wave Field

A walking robot's "sober" attempt at crossing the earthen moguls outside FXB.|Medium Read
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Albi’s fund carries forward ME scholarships

This gift will provide undergraduate scholarships or graduate fellowships with the potential of supporting both. Awards will be based on financial need and academic merit.|Short Read
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Ulsoy endows ME faculty award fund

The Mechanical Engineering department will use this endowed gift to provide the E. & M. Ulsoy Citation Leader Award annually to the ME faculty member who has the largest number of citations to his/her research work in the Scopus Database that year.|Short Read
Participants tour MCity

Driverless cars could be key to national security

Fleets of shared, short-range, electric, autonomous vehicles could entice Americans into making more energy-efficient travel choices--and that could make the US more secure by reducing its dependence on oil.|Short Read
Chevy Volts parked in a row

Faster assessment for hybrid electric vehicle designs

A team researchers at U-M and in China developed a fast way to sift through a million different designs of the system that connects power to wheels of the Chevy Volt, finding 20 that might be improvements.|Medium Read
Woman in lab holds helmet

Improved helmet design

A new football helmet design aims to blunt some dangerous physics that today’s models ignore.|Short Read