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U-M’s Dawn Tilbury to head NSF Engineering Directorate

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has selected a University of Michigan mechanical engineering professor Dawn Tilbury to serve as head of its Directorate for Engineering.|Medium Read

Charles Vest: Leader and Pioneer

Mechanical engineering professor makes his mark in research, leadership, and friendship|Medium Read
Hand grasping FlexDex.

New low-cost surgical instrument moves like a surgeon’s hand

In an era of spiraling healthcare cost concerns, a new $500 surgical instrument developed at the University of Michigan is vying to take the place of a $2 million robot for certain minimally invasive procedures.|Medium Read
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Quantum limits to heat flow observed at room temperature

Quantum mechanics governs the flow of heat in atoms and Michigan Engineers have directly measured a "quantum of thermal conductance" at room temperature. |Medium Read
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U-M faculty elected to National Academy of Engineering

The most prestigious engineering association in the U.S. has named Ellen Arruda, Mark Daskin and Noboru Kikuchi among its newest members.|Short Read
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Coating method could improve temporary implants that dissolve in the body

Very even, pure coatings that promote healing may now be possible for biodegradable sutures and bone screws.|Medium Read
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McKeens support ME undergrads

Alexander (BSE Mech ’50) and Evelyn McKeen have recently endowed the Alexander and Evelyn McKeen Scholarship Fund to provided financial assistance for undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Engineering’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.|Short Read
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Fords endow ME undergrad scholarship

Russell and Lynn Ford have provided a gift to endow the Russell and Lynn Ford Family Scholarship Fund.|Short Read
Automated vehicle on a track

Open-access automated cars to advance driverless research

New research vehicles will be open testbeds for academic and industry researchers to rapidly test self-driving and connected vehicle technologies at a world-class proving ground.|Short Read
The investment MOU was signed in Shenzhen, China.

$27M investment to globalize driverless vehicle research

A $27 million investment from a Chinese firm will strengthen the efforts of U-M along with industry and government partners, to advance autonomous, connected vehicles and robotic technologies.|Medium Read
Battery viewed through visualization chamber

A window into battery life for next-gen lithium cells

Watching electrodes degrade could help battery researchers take lithium to the next level.|Medium Read
Person using the first hologram

Home of holography: from theory to reality

Professors Emmett Leith and Juris Upatnieks turned the theory of holography into a practical reality.|Medium Read