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Satellite image of Earth

Rapid plankton growth in ocean seen as sign of carbon dioxide loading

A microscopic marine alga is thriving in the North Atlantic to an extent that defies scientific predictions, suggesting swift environmental change as a result of rising carbon dioxide in the ocean.|Medium Read
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No more hunting for parking? Proposed app could do it for you

Drivers may one day be able to find a parking space on their smartphones instead of on the street if a new system envisioned by University of Michigan researchers becomes reality.|Medium Read
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Find a parking place with your smartphone

Drivers may one day be able to find a parking space on their smartphones instead of hunting for one on the street.|Short Read
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Harris’ gift memorializes dear friends

The fund will provide financial aid and/or research support for exceptional graduate or undergraduate students who are enrolled in the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering and are active in the College of Engineering’s Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety (CHEPS). |Short Read
A map of New Orleans showing optimized evacuation plan

Faster evacuation: Studying New Orleans to improve disaster planning

As the tenth U.S. hurricane season since Katrina rolls on, a University of Michigan professor is using advanced data analytics and optimization techniques to find better ways to evacuate regions before disaster strikes.|Medium Read
NASA image of Joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin: millions could lose power

Power outage forecasts by researchers at the University of Michigan and Texas A&M University show that depending on where hurricane Joaquin makes landfall in the U.S., the lights could go out for as many as 7 million.|Medium Read
Clyde Johnson with 4 U-M students

Four decades later, Clyde Johnson legacy still opening doors

Bill Johnson (Clyde's son) and his wife Nadra, continue to pledge money to the Clyde Johnson scholarship fund, in honor of the late professor's impressive contribution to U-M engineering.|Medium Read
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Gilligans’ fund supports IOE undergrads

Kevin M. Angela H. Gilligan of Appleton, Wisconsin, have made a $50,000 gift​ and documented a bequest​ to establish the Kevin M. Gilligan and Angela H. Gilligan Endowed Fund to provide need-based support to full-time IOE undergraduates.|Short Read
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U-M alum takes post in Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative

Former University of Michigan College of Engineering student Mike Muse was recently tapped by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to serve as Millennial Entrepreneur Champion for President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative.|Short Read
Portrait of Jim Bagian

NHTSA names U-M professor to new safety system team

Industrial Operations Engineering professor Jim Bagian has been appointed to a new Safety System Team at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).|Short Read
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High-tech robotics center coming to U-Michigan

The U-M Board of Regents approved the College of Engineering's new robotics building project on April 16. The three-story, 100,000-square-foot facility is slated for Hayward Street just east of the Space Research Building on North Campus.|Medium Read
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U-M Supermileage team goes to 2015 Shell Eco-marathon in Detroit

In a torpedo-shaped one-seater powered by a lawnmower engine, a team of University of Michigan students is aiming for a fuel economy of thousands of miles to the gallon. Next month, the U-M Supermileage Team will compete in the Shell Eco-marathon, held for the first time in Detroit.|Short Read