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animation of semiconductor spiral

Twisted semiconductors for future moving holograms

Holographic displays need twisted light. Twisted semiconductors assembled with the help of amino acids may enable them.|Medium Read
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Keeping drugs on the job

Computer simulations developed at the University of Michigan reveal how well drug additives stop the active ingredients from crystallizing in the digestive tract.|Medium Read
Two people with the IBM704 computer printer at the Computing Center

Analog to digital: The Ford Foundation computer project

Donald Katz, professor and chair of the chemical and metallurgical engineering department from 1951-62, took the College   from analog to digital solutions.|Medium Read
Gold nanoparticle assembly fades to ball-and-stick representation of structure

Most complex nanoparticle crystal ever made by design

Extraordinary nanoparticle crystals are possible by harnessing particle shape in addition to using DNA as smart glue.|Medium Read
four layers of nanowires

Synthetic tooth enamel may lead to more resilient structures

Tooth enamel has changed very little over millions of years -- and it is remarkably resistant to shock and wear. |Medium Read
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Queen of the hurricanes: An engineer and feminist for the ages

Elsie MacGill, the world’s first female aircraft designer, drew strength from the women who came before her.|Medium Read
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Coating method could improve temporary implants that dissolve in the body

Very even, pure coatings that promote healing may now be possible for biodegradable sutures and bone screws.|Medium Read
Sharon C. Glotzer

Sharon Glotzer elected MRS Fellow

Sharon Glotzer has been elected a Fellow of the Materials Research Society (MRS).|Short Read
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Fei Wen wins NSF CAREER Award

Fei Wen has won a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award.|Short Read
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Lola Eniola-Adefeso elected fellow of AIMBE

Lola Eniola-Adefeso has been elected to the College of Fellows at the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).|Short Read
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James Wilkes receives College service award

Professor James O. Wilkes has won the College of Engineering Edward Law Emeritus Outstanding Service Award for 2016–2017.|Medium Read
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Eniola-Adefeso wins College of Engineering award

Professor Lola Eniola Adefeso has won the Raymond J. and Monica E. Schultz Outreach and Diversity Award.|Short Read