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Aero Throwback: The “Venetian Blind” plane

Michigan Engineer W. Fred Gerhardt's 1920s invention was called the “world’s first aerial bicycle.”|Short Read
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Aero Throwback: The original skunk works

Best known for answering the threat of a jet-powered Nazi super-plane, Clarence “Kelly” Johnson left another legacy as well.|Medium Read
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Aerospace research wins best paper award

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics recently awarded the distinction of Best Paper for the 2012 Multidisciplinary Analysis Optimization conference to a UM Aerospace research team.|Short Read
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Aero Throwback: Pawlowski’s persistence pays off

Michigan's Felix W. Pawlowski taught the first aeronautical engineering course offered in the U.S. His path to prominence was nothing short of remarkable. |Short Read
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Aero Throwback: From an unlikely beginning

From An Unlikely Beginning: A Centennial Celebration|Medium Read
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Yasin Abul-Huda receives 2014 NDSEG Fellowship Award

Ph.D. candidate Yasin Abul-Huda received the highly-competitive 2014 NDSEG Fellowship Award.|Short Read
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Congratulations to Iain Boyd for appointment to Editorial Advisory Board of Physics of Fluids

Aerospace Professor Iain Boyd has been appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board of Physics of Fluids.|Short Read
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Kabamba and Girard co-author Fundamentals of Aerospace Navigation and Guidance

Aerospace professors Anouck Girard and Pierre Kabamba publish a new book, Fundamental of Aerospace Navigation and Guidance.|Short Read
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Aero Throwback Thursday: The subsonic wind tunnel

If you build it, planes will fly.|Short Read
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Puneet Singh receives the 2014 VFF Joe Mallen Scholarship

The Vertical Flight Foundation (VFF) was established in 1967 as the philanthropic arm of the American Helicopter Society (AHS).|Short Read
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AERO alum Chang-Hsien Tai honored

Aeospace engineering alum, Chang-Hsien Tai, was recently elected as academic vice president of the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) in the southern part of Taiwan, where he previously served as the dean of engineering.|Short Read
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New hypersonic lab on the way

“Scramjet” technology, the focus of the research to be conducted in the lab, could underpin reusable space rockets, drones that could launch from the US and reach any location on the planet in under three hours, and perhaps even a 3-hour flight from New York to Tokyo.|Medium Read