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Ryan Kitson wins AIAA Best Student Paper

Aerospace Engineering doctoral student Ryan Kitson was awarded the AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Best Student Paper at the 2017 AIAA Aviation Forum in Denver, Colorado. |Short Read

Bend it like Airbus

New $8.25M Airbus center at Michigan for high efficiency aircraft with flexible wings|Medium Read

U-M Aero alum runs for Michigan governor

Aerospace alum Senator Patrick Colbeck has announced his candidacy for Michigan governor. |Short Read

Remembering Mary Golda Ross

She was a brilliant mathematician, Space Race trailblazer, first female and only Native American engineer at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. |Medium Read

U-M Aero team receives top 20 ranking

The team, led by Aerospace Engineering post-doctoral researcher Ehsan Taheri, ranked well in the European Space Agency's 9th Global Trajectory Optimization Competition.|Medium Read
Portrait of Kaelan Oldani.

Kaelan Oldani: Shooting for the stars

Kaelan Oldani, AERO undergraduate, grew up aspiring to become an astronaut, encouraged by a large family of engineers that have helped her discover a love of engineering at school.|Short Read

Venkat Raman promoted to AE Full Professor

Dr. Venkat Raman has been promoted to Aerospace Engineering Full Professor.|Short Read
Professor Karthik Duraisamy reaches toward a large monitor showing a colorful data simulation

Karthik Duraisamy promoted to AE Associate Professor

Dr. Karthik Duraisamy has been promoted to Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor.|Short Read
Siqian-Shen. Photo by Joseph Xu, College of Engineering

Henry Sodano promoted to AE Full Professor

Dr. Henry Sodano has been promoted to Aerospace Engineering Full Professor.|Short Read
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Aero Throwback: Better ways to get to a football game

The early days of Michigan's flying clubs are full of adventure, mishaps and tenacity.|Medium Read