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Frost working in the lab

Thomas Frost awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

He is currently working on semiconductor lasers as part of the research group of Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya.|Short Read
McCorquodale with Tewskbury

Michael McCorquodale named 2012 UBM Electronics ACE Innovator of the Year

"Without McCorquodale's vision, unwavering persistence, and leadership in the face of decades of thinking to the contrary, CMOS oscillators would not exist today."|Short Read
Lab workers

Artificial synapses could lead to advanced computer memory and machines that mimic biological brains

“This hybrid circuit is a critical advance in developing intelligent machines."|Medium Read
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science logo

Mona Jarrahi receives ONR Young Investigator Award

An expected outcome of Prof. Jarrahi's research will be increased physical perspective for utilizing unique functionalities of nanoelectronic and nanophotonic devices.|Short Read
Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences

NERS benefits from major gift

$5 million of the $15 million Beyster gift to Michigan Engineering will renovate the Ford Nuclear Reactor building into new lab and office space for Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences.|Short Read
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Pantanal Partnership selected as Davis Foundation Recipient

Congratulations to the Pantanal Partnership, a student organization closely connected to the College of Engineering, which has been selected as the 2012 University of Michigan Davis Foundation Project for Peace recipient.|Short Read
two scientists

A new way to cool materials with light

The work advances the scientific understanding of laser cooling technologies currently being pursued to explore the boundary between classical and quantum physics.|Short Read
chris berry

Chris Berry awarded 2012 Michigan Space Grant Consortium Fellowship

The proposed emitter incorporates plasmonic photoconductors to more efficiently convert power from incident laser light into terahertz radiation.|Short Read
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Aline Cotel to receive 2012 University Undergraduate Teaching Award

Congratulations to Aline Cotel who has been selected to receive a 2012 University Undergraduate Teaching Award. |Short Read
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Ann Jeffers as one of the 10 “New Faces of Civil Engineering in 2012”

Congratulations to Ann Jeffers who has been selected by ASCE as one of the 10 "New Faces of Civil Engineering in 2012".|Short Read
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Jason McCormick selected for the 2012 Excellence in CEE Award

Congratulations to Jason McCormick who has been selected by the CEE Honors and Awards Committee for the 2012 Excellence in CEE Award.|Short Read

Prof. Jeff Fessler honored with Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award

Fessler's students have praised the collegial and collaborative environment of his lab, his careful balancing of freedom and guidance, and his attention to each student. |Short Read