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Electrical and Computer Engineering

ePack, Inc. wins Masco Next Gen Manufacturing Award at Innovation Competition

"ePack utilizes state of the art micromachining technology to provide a cost effective and high performance packaging service for micro- and milli-scale devices."|Medium Read
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Michigan Hybrid Racing

Listen to Michigan Hybrid Racing team members talk about their work and upcoming competition.|Short Read

Professor Emeritus Ted Birdsall receives Silver Medal in Signal Processing in Acoustics

Birdsall's work was in sensory psychology, psychometrics, and underwater acoustics, and he often helped other researchers apply signal processing theory to their own research.|Medium Read
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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers honors Paul Arias

Mechanical engineering Ph.D. student, Paul Arias, was awarded the SHPE STAR National Honor: Student Role Model Graduate Award.|Short Read
Electrical and Computer Engineering

New method for building a low-cost, high-performance electric machine and drive could result in huge energy savings

Prof. Hofmann intends to design, build and test a 30kW brushless, self-excited synchronous field winding prototype machine that overcomes the weaknesses of the current technology. |Short Read
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CEE Students Awarded Fulbright Grants

Two CEE students have been awarded Fulbright grants for the 2011-12 academic year. |Short Read

EECS 461 (Embedded Control Systems) and the freescale cup

This was the first year Freescale opened up the competition to U.S. students—teams from U-M, U-M Dearborn, and Penn State competed against teams from Mexico and China.|Medium Read
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Hansen Receives Delmar L. Bloem Distinguished Service Award

Professor Will Hansen was selected to receive the Delmar L. Bloem Distinguished Service Award|Short Read
Electrical and Computer Engineering

New research program aims to make better “sense” of the world

Applications of this research range from soil sensors which allow for increased understanding of global climate change to futuristic sensory skins which can monitor the integrity of an object.|Medium Read
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Anne Itsuno receives William E. Spicer – Thomas N. Casselman Award

Itsuno has already pursued an in-depth theoretical and experimental investigation on the unipolar HgCdTe nBn detector, which has the potential to replace or supplement the current technology.|Short Read
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2011 CEE Chair Search

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan seeks applicants and nominations for the position of Department Chair.|Short Read
Rais-Zadeh and students

Mina Rais-Zadeh receives 2011 EDS Early Career Award

"Mina’s research is anticipated to bring about significant scientific discoveries in the area of resonant MEMS and is expected to significantly impact telecommunication."|Short Read