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drawing of the Cooley Memorial Building

Cooley Lab: the first North Campus building

The lone, research-oriented structure soon would be joined by others.|Medium Read
Person in The Human Motion Simulation Laboratory

Center for Ergonomics: changing the world of work

Uniquely situated as pioneers in this nascent field, Michigan Engineering continues to lead.|Medium Read
Black and white photo of Detroit Observatory

Detroit observatory: Michigan’s meteorological legacy

One man, one building and one telescope introduced Michigan minds to much more than just the night sky.|Medium Read
The ISDOS/PRISE Computer Room in the IOE Building

Daniel Teichroew: father of software engineering — and more

Famous as a software engineering innovator, his students revere him as a great mentor.|Medium Read

Felix Pawlowski: persistence pays off

Michigan aeronautics takes flight, under unlikely circumstances, with the single-minded Felix Pawlowski|Medium Read
Black and White picture of vulcans in two teams pushing a giant ball

Visions of Vulcans: by invitation only

It’s a secret society and you’re not invited. Unless – suddenly – you are.|Medium Read
Soldiers lined up in the diag during World War II

World War II: The on-campus homefront

They left campus for the battlefield, stayed connected via V-Mail – and some would return to Willow Run Village.|Medium Read

Chihiro Kikuchi: From here to the laser

First hired as an associate research physicist at U-M’s Willow Run Laboratory, Kikuchi’s original contributions to the ruby maser live on.|Medium Read

Glenn Knoll: Renaissance man and beloved mentor

Following a half-century of service, Knoll is remembered by the many whose lives he changed|Medium Read
Black and white photo of U-M campus

Revved up: law students lay seige to engineers

An “old rivalry” between engineers and lawyers broke out during a 1934 overnight ruckus in the Automotive Mechanics Laboratory.|Medium Read
Illustration of train on the track

Stephen Timoshenko: the father of engineering mechanics

This eminent Michigan Engineering professor dramatically reshaped engineering education – and lived two sets of lives.|Medium Read
OSU Stadium

Betting at the Horseshoe: the engineer comes through

In October 1922, the first matchup between the Michigan and Ohio State football teams was at the stadium now known as the Horseshoe.|Short Read