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Silicon valley entrepreneurs help bring WIMS2 technology to the world

Shahin and Sassan discussed everything from the acquisition trends of small vs. large companies to the importance of building a team with a range of expertise.|Medium Read

Biking 300 miles for Michigan engineers

In a journey to help their son's legacy achieve what he could not, the family of a late U-M student will soon embark on a 300-mile bike ride across the state. They hope to to start a dialogue about college affordability and ensure that Michigan Engineering is top-of-mind for talented in-state high-school students.|Medium Read
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Lecturer from Ethiopia to work with CEE

Dr. Adey Desta, a lecturer from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, will work with CEE during the 2015-16 school year through the U-M African Presidential Scholars Program.|Short Read

Eta Kappa Nu awards Professors of the Year at St. George’s Day Feast

Prof. David Wentzloff, Associate Professor in ECE, and David Paoletti, lecturer in CSE, were chosen based on student input. Congratulations!|Short Read
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Monitoring maternal and children’s health in rural India

A pilot study initiated as part of the MCubed Diamond program is underway to evaluate and track maternal and child health in rural villages of West Bengal.|Short Read
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Aerospace Day hover and aircraft competition

This term’s event was held on April 11th. Over 500 UM aerospace, elementary, middle school, and high school students and parents were in attendance.|Short Read
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ECE’s ideas worth spreading – TEDxUofM

Profs. Shai Revzen and Herbert Winful spoke about their passion for their work at the sixth annual conference, themed "Constructive Interference".|Short Read

Robotics Day links research and education in national hub

In transportation, healthcare, education and beyond, robots are changing lives, say the organizers of the fifth annual Michigan Robotics Day. And they are doing it from Michigan. |Medium Read
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U-M Supermileage team goes to 2015 Shell Eco-marathon in Detroit

In a torpedo-shaped one-seater powered by a lawnmower engine, a team of University of Michigan students is aiming for a fuel economy of thousands of miles to the gallon. Next month, the U-M Supermileage Team will compete in the Shell Eco-marathon, held for the first time in Detroit.|Short Read
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ASCE-CEEFA Banquet coming on April 17

The 5th Annual ASCE-CEEFA Banquet and Awards Ceremony is happening on April 17th at the Michigan League.|Short Read
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2014-15 Undergraduate Student Awards

Students, parents, and faculty gathered to celebrate the achievements of EECS students who earned a special award for academic achievement, research, service, or entrepreneurial activities.|Medium Read
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Sustainability hour: Keith Soster

This North Campus Sustainability Event will focus on the process of structuring a sustainable program that makes sense.|Short Read