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Borchardt-Glysson Water Treatment Innovation Prize and 2017 Borchardt Conference

The Borchardt-Glysson Water Treatment Innovation Prize is a new honor to acknowledge a professional whose accomplishments in the water or wastewater treatment fields have been nationally and internationally recognized. |Short Read
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Michigan student team to compete in Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition

The Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA) team will be competing in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition in Green River, Utah this week, launching their student designed, built and tested rocket to a hopeful 21,000 feet.|Short Read
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The Fifth Annual ChE Graduate Symposium

The Fifth Annual Chemical Engineering Graduate Symposium was held at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library on May 12.|Short Read
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David Tirrell delivers the 46th Annual Katz Lecture

David A. Tirrell presented the 46th Annual Donald L. Katz Lectureship in Chemical Engineering. |Short Read
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Award-winning EECS 2016 Graduate Student Instructors & Instructional Aides recognized

To celebrate the contributions of our graduate and undergraduate instructors, the department selects the best of the best, based on student evaluations, and celebrates them at a special awards ceremony. |Short Read
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Students make connections at NSBE National Convention

The convention hosted more than 100 major companies, and offered students career workshops on interviewing, networking, and general industry know-how.|Short Read
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Being an applied computer scientist

In this talk, Abowd describes through a set of examples how the balancing act can play out in the career of a computer scientist.|Short Read
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Robert Ormiston presents 35th AHS Nikolsky Honorary Lecture

Dr. Robert Ormiston, retired U.S. Army Aviation Aeromechanics Chief Scientist, presented an honorary lecture on rotorcraft for the Aerospace Engineering Department.|Short Read
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Claude Shannon centennial celebrants recall U-M grad’s advances, societal impact

Shannon theorized the binary code of zeros and ones that makes cell phones, email and the Internet possible.|Medium Read
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How CEE is recruiting the next generation of CEE thought leaders

What was it that sparked your interest in civil and environmental engineering? Was it a family member who built bridges, a camping trip that taught you about water preservation, or a box of Legos?|Short Read
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Aerospace Day outreach grows!

This event is more than just a year and a half old, though: it’s a project a decade in the making.|Medium Read

ECE celebrates Diwali

Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival that signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. |Short Read