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Program to engage CS undergrads in research supported for another year

Workshop organizers believe a key strategy to increasing the number of women in computing research is to introduce them to the research process early on.|Short Read
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Engineering seeks to educate on societal racism, bias through new proposals

'We have seen, both through our own data and through the divisive issues society is facing, exactly how urgent this issue is.'|Medium Read
North Campus in the spring. Photo: Joseph Xu

Prioritizing diversity to benefit the field of engineering

It’s part of our job.|Medium Read

Myth 6: It is not engineering’s problem when communities are left behind

In the final myth of the series, we discuss how good ideas and creative people aren't always met with equal access to education and resources.|Medium Read
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Myth 4: Women and minorities aren’t as interested in or good at engineering

In myth four, we explain how diverse groups can produce more ethical products and more inclusive design – and uncover missed opportunities.|Medium Read
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Myth 5: Women and minorities aren’t as good at leadership

In myth five, we unpack how a rich range of experiences can elevate organizations and lead to better performance.|Medium Read

Myth 2: Engineering doesn’t benefit from including people of different races, genders and other forms of identity diversity

In myth two, we explore how diversity can make teams think harder and add to their collective toolkit.|Medium Read
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Myth 1: Engineering is a meritocracy

In the first of six myths, we show that engineering is not an apolitical meritocratic ideal, and we argue engineers must reflect on their social systems and pay attention to their malfunctions. |Medium Read
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Myth 3: Women and minorities don’t need safe spaces because there’s nothing unsafe about engineering

In myth three, we unpack how safe spaces aren’t just havens in which to escape stereotyping—they are places in which the cultures most comfortable to many students and faculty thrive.|Medium Read
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Two initiatives to enact lasting change

Looking at what's ahead for DEI |Short Read
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A DEI culture shift

In a letter to the community, Dean Gallimore shares a plan to tackle systemic racism.|Medium Read
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CEE faculty awarded DEI grant to reshape undergraduate curriculum

The College of Engineering award will fund a project intended to integrate social justice, environmental justice and equity into the CEE undergraduate curriculum.|Medium Read