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Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE celebrates African American Engineers

The impact of these gifted individuals spans many fields and industries.|Long Read

ECE celebrates Diwali

Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival that signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. |Short Read

Engineering a better future for Ethiopia

Prof. Hofmann’s students felt they gained a lot from the course. Several of them will likely go on to teach control courses in coming semesters.|Short Read
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Electrify Tech Camps offer high schoolers an electrifying summer

In ECE's first-ever Electrify Summer Tech Camps, students gathered for three five-day sessions to learn the basics of electrical and computer engineering.|Short Read
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ECE celebrates women in engineering

Their work has impacted science, technology, the arts, activism, and anything else you can imagine.|Medium Read
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ECE celebrates Iftar dinner

Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.|Short Read
Conference room full of people

Black engineering leaders outline goals at national conference

As part of its plan to nearly triple the annual number of black engineering graduates nationwide by 2025, the National Society of Black Engineers recently gathered about 175 newly elected student leaders and staff members from chapters across the country at U-M for its National Leadership Conference, held June 3-6.|Medium Read
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Conference aims to boost African-American engineering graduate numbers

In an effort to reduce the shortage of African-American engineering talent in the U.S., the University of Michigan is hosting the National Society of Black Engineers' National Leadership Conference this week.|Medium Read
irma wyman

Irma Wyman: Computer pioneer and advocate for women in engineering

Her experiences led her to establish the Irma M. Wyman Scholarship at the University's Center for the Education of Women.|Medium Read
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There are no girl caddies

Michigan Engineering grad pushes young women to break barriers.|Medium Read
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Students host event inspired by study abroad experience

Students worked on a GIEU program in Amritsar, India, where they participated in langar events at the Golden Temple.|Short Read
nicholas clift

Student Spotlight: Nicholas Clift – 2014 Graduate Student of the Year

He is a founding member of Own It, and is dedicated to cultivating an engineering community that feels an inherent responsibility to live ethically.|Short Read