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Congratulations to our new Climate & Space PhDs!

Three CLASP graduate students earned their doctoral degrees this spring.| Short Read

Three more Climate & Space students have successfully defended their doctoral dissertations this spring. Congratulations, Doctors!


EnlargeCLASP PhD Dr. Garima Malhotra

Dr. Garima Malhotra

Defense Date: 4/12/2021

Dissertation Title: Understanding the Impacts of Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere on Thermospheric Dynamics and Composition

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Aaron Ridley

Dr. Malhotra will soon begin work as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at the University of Colorado Boulder.



EnlargeCLASP PhD Dr. Yash Sarkango

Dr. Yash Sarkango

Defense Date: 4/20/2021

Dissertation Title: Dynamics of the Jovian magnetosphere: Combining insights from global MHD simulations and in situ measurements from the Juno spacecraft

Faculty Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Xianzhe jia

Dr. Sarkango plans to pursue a career in research, specifically focusing on the space plasma environment. In the near term, he will continue working at CLASP as a postdoctoral researcher using numerical modeling and analysis of in situ data to further study the Jovian magnetosphere.



EnlargeCLASP PhD Dr. Zihan Wang

Dr. Zihan Wang

Defense Date: 4/21/21

Dissertation Title: Dynamics and Drivers of Multi-Scale Storm-TimeIonospheric Density Structures

Faculty Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Shasha Zou

Dr. Wang will continue working at CLASP as a postdoctoral researcher. His research will focus on the numerical simulation of equatorial plasma bubbles and the data analysis of the Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) mission and the Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) mission.



CLASP PhD Dr. Garima Malhotra
CLASP PhD Dr. Yash Sarkango
CLASP PhD Dr. Zihan Wang
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