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Scott Baalrud named to Physics of Plasmas Editorial Board

NERS Prof. Scott Baalrud’s three-year editorial board appointment began this week.| Short Read

Scott Baalrud, an associate professor in the U-M Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, has been appointed to the Physics of Plasmas Editorial Board. According to their website, Physics of Plasmas is the largest journal in plasma physics publishing in all areas of experimental and theoretical plasma physics. 

As a member of the Editorial Board, Baalrud will play a critical role in the evaluation of manuscripts, and also in the sensitive task of adjudicating manuscripts for which the referee and the authors disagree.

Baalrud will propose initiatives, such as topics for special issues in the journal, review and tutorial papers, and the like. Also, the board members potentially contribute to setting the scope of topics for the journal. 

Physics of Plasmas chooses board members based on their high degree of technical expertise in the diverse range of areas covered by the journal.

“Physics of Plasmas has been the go-to journal for me and many others in plasma physics,” said Baalrud. “I look forward to doing what I can to contribute to its continued success.”

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  • Scott Baalrud

    Scott Baalrud

    Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

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