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Congratulations to U-M Aerospace Engineering Strategic Outreach Manager, Kimberly Johnson, on receiving the 2021 North Campus MLK Dean’s Spirit Award!

The Aerospace Department congratulates Kimberly Johnson as one of the staff recipients of the 2021 North Campus Dean’s MLK Spirit Award. | Short Read

The North Campus Dean’s MLK Spirit Award honors students, student organizations, faculty, and staff in the North Campus schools at the University of Michigan who exemplify the leadership and vision of Dr. King by championing good throughout the U-M community. They seek community members with a commitment to social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion with a special emphasis on the context of the pandemic and the urgent issue of racial injustice faced this year. 

EnlargePortrait of Kim Johnson
IMAGE:  Kimberly Johnson is the Marketing Communications Specialist for the AERO department.

During her time as U-M Aerospace Engineering Strategic Outreach Manager, Kimberly has made a remarkable impact as an advocate of racial justice and inclusion. She played an integral role in the formation of the Black Students in Aerospace (BSA) student organization in 2020 and developed a mentorship program for marginalized students groups. Currently, she serves on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, and helped organize U-M Aerospace Engineering’s MLK Day commemoration panel, “Overcoming Turbulence: Trials and Triumphs of Black Women in Aerospace.” U-M Aerospace Engineering is proud to announce Kimberly Johnson as the staff recipient for the 2021 North Campus Dean’s MLK Spirit Award. To learn more about each 2021 award recipient, please visit  the North Campus Deans’ Virtual MLK Spirit Awards.

Portrait of Kim Johnson
Portrait of Kim Johnson


Kimberly Johnson
Communications Manager

Aerospace Engineering

(734) 647-4701

3054 FXB

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