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Shivam Barwey receives 2020 J. Robert Beyster Computational Innovation Award for GPU-based library

Aerospace PhD candidate Shivam Barwey receives 2020 J. Robert Beyster Computational Innovation Fellowship Award for developing a GPU-based library for turbulent reacting flow solvers, making him the first Aerospace student to win the award since 2016.| Short Read

U-M College of Engineering named Shivam Barwey, PhD candidate of Aerospace Engineering, as the recipient of the 2020 J. Robert Beyster Computational Innovation Fellowship Award.

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Under advisor, Professor Venkat Raman at the Advanced Propulsion Concepts Lab, he has made great advancements in the research of GPU-optimization and high-performance computing with the development of a GPU-based library, which, among other functionality, accelerates multi-physics simulations using AI-based methods for chemical kinetics.

Barwey’s work is a great contribution towards the shift from CPU to GPU computing due to the GPU-based library’s efficiency for simulating aerospace programs. “The advantage of developing GPU libraries for one application based on AI is that the AI tools are very widely applicable,” Barwey explained. Now, he is working on applying his GPU-based library to simulate pollutant dispersion in urban environments. 

Shivam Barwey is an associate PhD candidate in the U-M Department of Aerospace Engineering. He is completing the fourth year of his PhD program with Professor Venkat Raman and has plans to graduate in late 2021. He received his undergraduate Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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