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Welcome to our new undergraduate staff

Brittiany Smith and Abagail Jeavons joined the department in 2019-2020.| Short Read
Enlargeimage of Brittiany Smith
IMAGE:  Brittiany Smith, ChE Undergraduate Student Advisor

Brittiany Smith joined the Undergraduate Office in January 2020 as the Undergraduate Student Advisor and took over advising duties when Susan Montgomery retired from the department at the end of May. She works with Professor Fei Wen, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education, and fellow office staff members, Barbara Mintz and Catrina Hamilton, to support our students while they are at Michigan. Before coming to Chemical Engineering, Brittiany was an academic advisor at the Ross School of Business.

Going into her first fall term in the department, she already feels comfortable advising the chemical engineering students. “I love working with undergraduate students and helping them make the most of their education and time here at Michigan,” she says. “I really enjoy getting to know a student’s story and what led them to study chemical engineering. Helping them problem solve and overcome obstacles is extremely rewarding and my favorite part of the job.”

Brittiany received her BS in Business Administration from Central Michigan University and received a MS in Educational Leadership, focusing on Higher Education & Student Affairs, from Eastern Michigan University. After graduation, she worked at Walt Disney World in Human Resources, before returning to the Ann Arbor area in 2012.

Besides curling up with her cat at home to enjoy some down time, she likes reading (she’s read 15 books during the pandemic), solving puzzles, photography, and watching Jeopardy — she says she gets very excited when new episodes are released.


Enlargeimage of Abagail Jeavons
IMAGE:  Abagail Jeavons, ChE Laboratory and Classroom Services Coordinator

Abagail Jeavons joined the department as the Laboratory and Classroom Services Coordinator on July 19, 2019. She works with Chris Barr, the Instructional Lab Supervisor, to maintain the undergraduate labs, ChE 360 and ChE 460. Her main duties are to prepare chemicals, machinery, and any necessary biological agents for the labs. Additionally, she keeps the labs clean and stocked, and answers students’ questions as needed. “I like working with the undergrads because it gives me an opportunity to help them, even if just with the basics of an experimental set-up,” she says.

Abagail graduated from Hope College in 2018, with a BS in Biology and a BA in Classical Studies (history, culture, and language of Ancient Greece and Rome). She moved to Ann Arbor with her partner shortly after graduation and worked in a few short-term jobs, including as a barista at the Arborland Starbucks and a Patient Services Specialist at the Dental School during a construction project.

Outside of work, she enjoys cooking with her partner and hanging out at home with their two cats. She also looks forward to a weekly virtual session of Dungeons & Dragons with a group of friends from college.


image of Brittiany Smith
image of Abagail Jeavons
Portrait of Sandy Swisher


Sandy Swisher
Communications & Alumni Relations Coordinator

Chemical Engineering

(734) 764-7413

3118 Dow

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