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Congratulations to our new Climate & Space PhD!

Dr. Ryan Dewey will provide science analysis for the Solar Orbiter mission team at Climate & Space. | Short Read
IMAGE:  Dr. Ryan Dewey

Another CLASP doctoral student has successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Dewey!

Dr. Ryan Dewey

Defense Date: 4/16/2020

Dissertation Title: Dipolarizations in Mercury’s Magnetotail: Characteristics and Consequences in a Miniature Magnetosphere

Faculty Advisors: Prof. James Slavin and Assoc. Research Scientist James Raines.

Dr. Dewey plans to stay on at CLASP,  where he will join Prof. Stefano Livi, Prof. Sue Lepri, and Assoc. Research Scientist Jim Raines as a post-doctoral research fellow. Dr. Dewey will focus on data processing and science analysis for the Heavy Ion Sensor (HIS) instrument on the recently launched Solar Orbiter mission.

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EJ Olsen
Marketing Communications Specialist

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

(734) 548-3204

2239 SRB

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