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Mcubed Communities launched this week

Program can strengthen institutional strategy, coordination and readiness. Mark Burns is the Executive Director of MCubed.| Short Read

Mcubed Communities is an online tool that encourages faculty from all three U-M campuses (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint) to create or join groups around a common purpose to solve challenges and develop innovative curricula. Mark Burns, T.C. Chang Professor of Engineering, is the Executive Director of Mcubed and Research Innovation in OVPR.

The program can strengthen institutional strategy, coordination, and readiness by surfacing expertise across the campuses. Mcubed Communicators takes advantage of the accelerated exchange of info available today to allow researchers and educators to get together in teams and share info that is visible to the whole world.

Watch Video about Mcubed Communities


The outside of the Ford Robotics building

U-Michigan, Ford open world-class robotics complex

The facility will accelerate the future of advanced and more equitable robotics and mobility | Medium Read