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Congratulations to our new Climate & Space PhD!

Climate & Space student plans to join UC Berkeley as a post-doctoral scholar. | Short Read
EnlargeClimate & Space PhD Dr. Abigail Azari
IMAGE:  Abigail Azari, PhD

The first CLaSP doctoral candidate of 2020 has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Azari!

Dr. Abigail Azari

Defense Date: 3/10/2020

Dissertation Title: A Data-Driven Understanding of Plasma Transport in Saturn’s Magnetic Environment

Faculty Advisors: Prof. Michael Liemohn and Assoc. Prof. Xianzhe Jia.

Dr. Azari plans to join the University of California Berkeley, Space Sciences Laboratory, as a post-doctoral scholar. At SSL she will pursue research to understand the Mars space environment with the MAVEN mission by integrating data science techniques into spacecraft observations to answer fundamental planetary science questions.

Climate & Space PhD Dr. Abigail Azari
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EJ Olsen
Marketing Communications Specialist

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

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