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Two Climate & Space PhD students receive 2019-2020 MICDE fellowship

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EnlargeCLASP MICDE fellowship 2019-2020
IMAGE:  CLASP MICDE fellowship 2019-2020

PhD students Fuming Chang and Chongxing Fan are among the 2019-2020 recipients of a Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering (MICDE) fellowship.

Mr. Chang is a first year Space PhD student. His interests include space weather modeling with a focus on implementing machine learning methods, and planetary magnetospheres. Fuming’s academic advisor is Research Prof. Gabor Toth.

Mr. Fan is a first-year Climate PhD student. His interests include artificial intelligence in weather and climate forecasting, mesoscale systems, and the roles of clouds and aerosols in climate systems. Chongxing’s academic advisor is Assoc. Prof. Xianglei Huang.

Beginning in 2014, MICDE has offered annual fellowships to current and prospective students whose research project involves the use and advancement of scientific computing techniques and practices. Students are chosen to receive this honor because of their exceptional academic record and the outstanding promise of their research in computational sciences.

Congratulations, Fuming and Chongxing!

CLASP MICDE fellowship 2019-2020
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