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In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Jonathan W. Bulkley

Bulkley passed away on July 14, 2019. During his tenure at the University of Michigan, he taught in both the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School for Environment and Sustainability.| Short Read
IMAGE:  Jonathan Bulkley

Jonathan W. Bulkley, Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and Peter M. Wege Endowed Professor Emeritus of Sustainable Systems in the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SEAS), died peacefully on July 14, 2019, at home with his wife Trudy and dog Maggie by his side. Professor Bulkley was a beloved member of the CEE, SEAS, U-M, and Ann Arbor communities and his presence will be missed by the many who knew him.

During his 43-year career at the University of Michigan, Professor Bulkley educated thousands of students, served on numerous university committees and on state-wide and national scientific committees, and published widely in the areas of resource policy and sustainability in water resources. He is perhaps best known as cofounder and director emeritus of the National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education, now the Center for Sustainable Systems.

“Jonathan’s legacy at the University of Michigan is clearly his leadership and commitment to interdisciplinary sustainability research, education and outreach,” said Greg Keoleian, professor and director of the Center for Sustainable Systems. “Jonathan set the bar high on interdisciplinary research, teaching, and service. His dedication to both the College of Engineering and SEAS was truly remarkable.

“If we had to sum up Jonathan’s career in a few words,” Keoleian added, “I would say Jonathan Bulkley was a true gentleman and a scholar who advanced sustainability through his water policy research, the many students and future faculty that he trained, the policies he championed, and his unwavering support of his colleagues and staff to enable their success.”

This article was originally published by the School for Environment and Sustainability. Read the original article, and an additional story written on the occasion of Professor Bulkley’s retirement.

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