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Climate & Space Ph.D students interviewed for AGU Narratives Project

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EnlargeCLaSP Ph.D students Alan Negron, and Colten Peterson
IMAGE:  CLaSP Ph.D students Alan Negron (l), and Colten Peterson (r)

Two Climate & Space Ph.D. students, Alan Negron and Colten Peterson, were interviewed this past December for the American Geophysical Union’s AGU Narratives Project. The two were attending the annual AGU Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C., when they sat down to chat with interviewer Ilan Glazer about their research in the geosciences, the role of earth scientists and climate models, and the importance of science communication to the public at large.

Listen to the interview here:
(18:41 minutes)

From the AGU Narratives Project:

“2019 marks an incredible milestone for AGU — our 100th anniversary. We started as a small research organization in 1919 and have developed into a unique and influential leader in the Earth and space science community. Now through our Centennial, we step into the next era of scientific discoveries prepared to connect, inspire and amplify the voice and contributions of this community for decades – and even centuries – to come. Our Centennial gives us the opportunity to celebrate the people behind Earth and space science and to share their stories on a massive platform. The AGU Narratives Project will help us collect our shared history and build on it for years to come.”

The AGU Narratives Project is part of the AGU Centennial celebration, and is a collaboration with the StoryCorps Archive. The archive comprises one of the largest born-digital collections of human voices, featuring more than 200,000 conversations recorded in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and around the world. The full collection of interviews is housed at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

CLaSP Ph.D students Alan Negron, and Colten Peterson
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