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Prof. Rood co-authors paper on Great Lakes water level change implications

Recent water level changes across Earth's largest lake system and implications for future variability| Short Read

In late November, the Journal of Great Lakes Research published a paper [Recent water level changes across Earth’s largest lake system and implications for future variability] co-authored by Climate & Space Prof. Richard Rood that examines the driving forces behind the recent multi-year low- and high-water level trends in the Great Lakes.

EnlargeNASA photo of Great Lakes region
IMAGE:  Great Lakes region. Photo credit: NASA

From the paper:

“Water levels on Lake Ontario, the most downstream of the Laurentian Great Lakes, reached a record high in the spring of 2017. This event was accompanied by widespread flooding and displacement of families. Water levels across all of the Great Lakes have risen over the past several years following a period of record low levels. When levels were low, public and expert discussion focused on the possibility that low levels would continue into the future due to climate change, diversions of water from the lakes, and dredging. During the current high water period, variability is being attributed to water management, despite evidence of unusually high precipitation and river flows across the region. Understanding and communicating the drivers behind water level variability, particularly in light of recent extremes, is a fundamental step towards improving regional water resources management and policy.”

Read the full paper here:!

NASA photo of Great Lakes region
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