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Michigan Chemical Engineering undergraduate program re-enters top 10 in U.S. News rankings

Chemical Engineering is ranked 7 in the U.S. News’s 2019 chemical engineering undergraduate program rankings.| Short Read

Consistently ranked among the nation’s best chemical engineering departments, U-M re-enters the top 10 in the latest U.S. News & World Report’s annual undergraduate program rankings.

U-M Chemical Engineering is ranked 7—up from a tie for 11 in 2018—in the U.S. News’s 2019 chemical engineering undergraduate program rankings.

Other U-M rankings of note include:

  • The University of Michigan remains among the nation’s best public universities, coming in at No. 4 among public universities and moving up one spot overall.
  • Michigan Engineering maintained its No. 6 position on the overall list of undergraduate engineering programs; the college ranks 4th among engineering schools in graduate rankings.
  • Other lists on which U-M appeared included: strong commitment to undergraduate teaching (No. 19), best high school counselor top college picks (No. 23), and most innovative schools (No. 12). U-M ranked No. 9 on the list that ranked the best colleges for veterans.

Details on the ranking methodologies and additional rankings:

Lauren Love, of the University of Michigan Office of Public Affairs, contributed to this story.

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