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Manufacturing program ranked #2

U-M Integrative Systems + Design's Manufacturing Program has been ranked #2 nationally by IndustryWeek in their list of Top Manufacturing Schools of 2017.| Short Read
EnlargeISD ranked #2
IMAGE:  ISD ranked #2

Per the article, manufacturing “is a cool field of study, and U.S. universities are attracting students to their programs the old-fashioned way: by offering compelling coursework and research opportunities that lead to real-world jobs.” ISD offers these opportunities through both its graduate and professional programs.

By offering degrees in Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing, ISD prepares graduate students to excel in industry work. Offered on-campus and fully online, both programs allow students to earn top-ranked engineering degrees from the University of Michigan while still working full-time. Lifelong learners who are not degree-seeking can join the over 10,000 professionals who have participated in the Lean Manufacturing Certificate programIndustryWeek highlights this program, which trains participants to eliminate waste and drive lean initiatives in their manufacturing processes.

ISD’s faculty members work diligently to create high-level course content. Thanks to their combined years of fieldwork and research, students pursuing manufacturing education have access to a wealth of knowledge at one of the nation’s top manufacturing schools.

ISD ranked #2
BepiColombo approaching Mercury. Credit: European Space Agency

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