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Doctoral student Emily Crossette receives ITiMS program fellowship

The Integrated Training in Microbial Systems (ITiMS) program recently awarded a fellowship to Doctoral student Emily Crossette.| Short Read
EnlargeEmily Crossette
IMAGE:  Emily Crossette

ITiMS offers mentorship to students exploring the burgeoning field of microbiome studies. The program aims to train future scientists who will design and implement novel prevention, diagnostic, and treatment strategies stemming from a deep understanding of the impact of microbial communities on human and environmental health.

Crossette’s interests lie in resource recovery from wastewater, fate of emerging contaminants and antibiotic resistance genes, source separated wastewater treatment, and environmental public health. She is currently evaluating manure management strategies to reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistant gene transfer from manure microbiome to human pathogens.

Crossette is co-advised by Professors Lut Raskin and Krista Wigginton.

Emily Crossette
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