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Henry Lam receives sponsored funding from NSF CAREER Award

IOE Professor Henry Lam receives sponsored funding from NSF CAREER Award| Short Read
EnlargePortrait of Henry Lam. Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering.
IMAGE:  Henry Lam. Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering.

Project Title: CAREER: Optimization­-based Quantification of Statistical Uncertainty in Stochastic and Simulation Analysis

Project Description: This Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award will create a systematic framework for designing, analyzing, and implementing statistical uncertainty quantification methodologies that effectively integrate data into stochastic and simulation analyses. The specific research objectives will cover the following four inter-connected problems: 1) Rare-event prediction and computation; 2) Propagation of input model errors in simulation analysis; 3) Calibration of stochastic input models from output data; and 4) Quantification and enrichment of the feasibility of obtained solutions in data-driven stochastic optimization. The research outcomes will aid in developing data-driven simulation-based tools for evaluating automated vehicle safety, provide reliable methodologies to assess risks and calibrate industrial simulation platforms, and equip next-generation engineers with multi-faceted perspectives in using computational and statistical tools that will benefit their future careers.

Portrait of Henry Lam. Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering.
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