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Dr. Khaled Shahwan joins Michigan Aero Industry Advisory Board

The Aerospace Department welcomes Dr. Khaled Shahwan to its Industry Advisory Board.| Short Read

We are excited to welcome Dr. Khaled Shahwan to the Department of Aerospace Engineering Industry Advisory Board!

As a member of the Board, Dr. Shahwan will provide industry insight to Michigan Aerospace that will help orient the department’s educational impact towards current academic, government and industry committees. In this role, Dr. Shahwan will offer perspective into industry trends and needs, provide recommendations for course curriculum and lab structures, and promote cooperative relationships with industry partners.

We look forward to working with Dr. Shahwan this fall at the next Industry Advisory Board meeting on Thursday, October 26th.

About Dr. Khaled Shahwan

Dr. Shahwan has been at Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) Technology Center since 1999 and is currently the Technology Lead for Advanced Carbon Fiber Materials, Methods and Strategies within the Advanced Development Engineering organization. Khaled holds several leadership positions in industry as part of his role. Dr. Shahwan is the current Chairman of USDRIVE’s MTT, and was the Chairman of the 2011 Board of Directors of USCAR’s Automotive Composites Consortium (ACC), and a member of the ACC Board of Directors (2008-2012).

Dr. Shahwan has been the lead visionary and sole architect of several long-term R&D activities ranging from validating novel methodologies for ultra-lightweight advanced composite materials, to integrated engineering methodologies for advanced materials for use in future automotive products. Since 2002, Dr. Shahwan has led development of fundamental methodologies to design and analyze modules for future autonomous vehicles at FCA (then DaimlerChrysler), including developments in passive safety as well as active technologies is support of regulations

In addition to a variety of other membership and accolades, Khaled is an elected Fellow (Associate) of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and a member of ASME. He has over 45 peer-reviewed journal publications, conference presentations, and over 60 corporate and industry-government collaboration reports.

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